lundi 11 novembre 2013

How to Make Your School a Favourite Among Kids

Schools play a very important role in the lives of our children. I mean to think of educating kids without the help of a school around is a nightmare. I agree that houses are the first place where kids start the learning process, but the help and support provided by a school cannot be overlooked. Kids spend a good amount of time at school, but eventually even then they hate going to school and come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid going. Have you ever thought what can be the reason behind such behaviour? It is a trait common to all kids. Most of the times, it is the school's curriculum which makes children hate them. I mean no one likes to sit for hours attending classes one after the other. Here are a few tips which would help you set up a school kids would love to attend.
Be flexible with the teaching process
Education is indeed very important for all children. However, you can't expect anyone to study attentively for long without taking breaks. The adults themselves would be fed up, let alone the kids. I am not saying education should be taken lightly, but you can include breaks and recesses in such a manner that kids don't get bored or drained out because of paying too much attention.
Have an interesting curriculum
Surveys conducted to measure people's productivity have proven that we all work better when we get to refresh our minds every once in a while. Apart from giving frequent recesses, you can include games periods once in a day. It would help kids to deviate their minds from studies, and they will be able to divert more attention when they sit down to study after the games. Moreover, you must include extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, sports, recitation and others in your school curriculum to help students think about other skills and hobbies as well. These will allow the children to find their interests and school won't seem boring to them anymore.
Have a great playground
Every school has a playground, but what good is a playground with no grass on it. Students need to have a playground which would be attractive enough to tempt them to play. I agree it is difficult to maintain the natural growth of grass, but you can opt for fake grass for your school's playground. It will solve the problem of patchy or bald playground. You can have a healthy turf in your school's playground round the year. Moreover, the durability of artificial grass is higher than that of natural grass; you need not worry about frequent maintenance.
Children are meant to be restless and unsteady, I suppose that is why they are kids and that is the best thing one could do at that age. We adults are responsible for bringing them up in the best ways possible. Making them willing to attend school is a sure fire way to put a strong foundation of their future.

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