dimanche 10 novembre 2013

Picture Books: An interesting way of learning

Most of the parents insist on purchasing Picture Books for Children as with the help of them they can easily spend time with the children. They can show the colourful characters of the book and narrate the incident to the children in a simple way. Normally, in the picture books we see that on each of the pages, drawings and graphics are there describing the particular situation. It is only with the help of these books that a child learns and understands a thing very quickly. For example: what is the expression of a particular person in different situations can only be explained with the help of pictures. By learning about a particular expression like angry, sad or happy kids can understand the kind of reaction of a person under certain circumstances. So that the next time they see any one with the same expression they can know how to react.

There are numerous benefits that picture books have on the growth of the children. Firstly, they can be used to teach a child the concept of cause and effect. Some of them have words like because, so, if and then that are use to describe the relationship between cause and effect. Secondly, they increase their imagination power. They do not merely listen to the stories but also see the illustrations and imagine the situation related to a particular event. These illustrations are also one of the easiest ways to understand the story. Thirdly, in comparison with the picture books, the chapter books are more complex as they often use words that cannot be easily grasped by the kids where as picture comics use easy and simple language which one can easily understand.

Many children books publishers company are coming up with the picture books from various authors. Previously, only the big publishing houses published them, but now with the advancement in the technology many online publishing houses have come up. It has no become easier for the authors to publish their works without any hassles.

Due to the pressures of the society, parents are often seen bullying their children towards reading chapter books by enrolling them in preschools. But it is much better to expose these little kids to the picture books first, so that they can very easily relate the events without going deep behind the complex words and sentences that is often used in the chapter books.

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